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Knox is well-equipped with the facilities to support our mission, service, and outreach. Our chuch building is a town landmark located on an historical site, with well-equipped rooms that can serve many purposes.



The church building is located in the centre of town, and with street parking. A large double door entrance is located at the front of the building with a smaller entrance at street level for wheelchairs. The church is equipped with an elevator to provide access from street level to the main level of the church as well as to the basement.

The sanctuary is a bright, airy area capable of seating 175 people. The choir loft has a capacity of 35. There is a pulpit, lectern, communion table, and bishop’s bench. The sanctuary is equipped with a speaker system capable of both wired and wireless input. Recording equipment is also available to provide for taping of services for shut-ins.

Located in the church basement is an auditorium measuring approximately 33’ X 60’. There are sufficient tables and chairs to seat 250 individuals, a piano, and a small stage.

The kitchen is equipped with a large, commercial dishwasher, industrial size fridge, two gas stoves, double sink, freezer, coffee urns, and all the dishes and cutlery needed to serve 300 people. It is located adjacent to the auditorium.

The Fellowship Room is located off the Narthex, and is furnished with sofas and easy chairs, as well as stacking chairs and tables for small meetings. The room is equipped with a TV and piano, and can accommodate approximately 40 people. This room was the original church and is used for church groups and meetings on a regular basis.

The nursery is a bright, airy room capable of holding 20 children. It is equipped with suitable tables and chairs, change tables, crib, and toys, and is adjacent to the Fellowship Room. 

A small kitchenette is located between the narthex and Fellowship Room. It is equipped with a double sink, stove, and cupboard storage space.

The minister’s office is located off the sanctuary, and the secretary’s office is located on floor directly below the minister’s office with an added room for file storage.

Separate washrooms for men and women are located on the main floor of the building next to the narthex. There is an additional washroom directly across the hall from the minister’s office on the main floor.

Information Technology / Communications / Audio Visual Equipment

The secretary’s office is equipped with a modern computer and a large photocopier which is capable of also serving as a scanner and printer. A smaller, secondary printer is also available. The minister is provided with a laptop computer and is linked by LAN to the printer in the secretary’s office.