Knox has programs, activities, and special events to interest people of all ages - from families with young children to seniors. There are also Bible studies, book clubs, and various crafts groups, as well as retreats, canoe trips, and other special event outings. Our caring and active congregation is also heavily involved in community outreach, working towards our mission of "reaching out in support and service to all people in our local and world-wide communities". Take a moment to look through the various programs listed below and see if there's something of interest to you. If there is, please contact us!



The UCW has 30 members in two units.  Outreach donations from the UCW are donated to the Mission and Service Fund, as well as many local and non-local charitable and outreach organizations.

The UCW supports our grieving family members and shares in their joys, such as special occasions, birthday and anniversary parties.  Members visit with other local UCW groups, as well as the Living Waters Presbyterial UCW meetings.  In March 2017 the Knox UCW hosted the World day of Prayer. 

Once a month, the group holds informative and interesting programs.  New members are always welcome to join in the fun and fellowship. 


Knox has an excellent Senior Choir with approximately 20 members.  The choir presents an anthem during weekly Sunday worship services from September through June, and also participates in other special musical events or special occasions throughout the year.  We meet Thursday nights from 7-8:30pm and we are always welcoming new members.  We are blessed with a loyal Choir Leader as well as a gifted and dedicated organist.

We also have several congregation members who are accomplished musicians and share their talents with performances and special musical events.


Wild Women of Knox
Once a year, the "Wild Women of Knox" head north to for a retreat in the woods.  For fun and fellowship they participate in canoeing, hiking, camp fires and many other activities that connect them to nature and to each other.

Men’s Coffee Club

Each Tuesday, some of the Knox men join with men from other denominations at a local coffee shop to enjoy their coffee and socialize. 


Our active group that functions under the Fellowship Ministry of Council arranges monthly greeters, updates membership lists, arranges “Observer” subscriptions, tape-records Church services and distributes them to those who cannot attend worship service, and covers the cost of refreshments after Sunday morning service.  They also organize many special events and fund-raising activities throughout the year.


Knox has a dedicated group that functions under the Outreach and Social Justice Ministry of Council.  This group provides a community dinner of nutritious home-cooked meals once a month to 40 – 80 people at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Sutton.  They also support the Sandgate Women’s Shelter in Jackson's Point and the Salvation Army kettle drive at Christmas time. 


The prayer shawl knitting/crocheting group meets at Knox the first Monday of every month from October to June, at 1pm.  It is an Ecumenical ministry.  Shawls, baby blankets and lap shawls are made to be given to people within our community.  They are for anyone facing a difficult time in their life such as grief, loneliness or health challenges. They are also presented for happy occasions such as weddings, baptisms and graduations, just to name a few uses for these comforting shawls.  Patterns, wool and needles are provided.  This group is not exclusive to congregation members.  If you would like to come and participate, please contact us.


Knox has a confidential prayer chain in which members of the congregation with health or other issues and concerns are held up to God in prayer by the chain members.